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The revolutionary Gym Chef healthy eating franchise significantly increase results and revenue for professionals!

One of the greatest challenges faced by Personal Trainers is offering effective support when it comes to their clients’ eating regime. In most cases, the clients ability to follow the recommended diet plan can be the key factor as to whether or not fitness objectives are achieved. Gym Chef not only allows you to create a personalised eating plan for your client within minutes but to also have the fresh food delivered to their homes, maximising convenience and removing all excuses!

So why not enhance your offering and your profits with Gym Chef!

  • Gym Chef freshly prepare meals for clients of personal trainers
  • All the research, shopping, preparation and cooking is done for you
  • We then deliver to your clients doorstep – its totally hassle free!

  • First 100 free sign ups
  • Offer the complete solution
  • Take control of your clients diet and help them achieve better results
  • Begin earning straight away

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  • Increased results and revenue!
  • Manage your clients accounts!
  • Customise personal meal plans
  • Track your commissions online
  • Weight tracker for clients

The Gym Chef personalised diet delivery service enables you to customise a diet plan that fits your clients tastes needs and training programme, without the hassle of shopping, calorie counting and cooking! This is a enjoyable and personalised experience that you the personal trainer or the client can manage online building the perfect diet plan that will ensure your clients success.

Our own Gym chef then prepares and cooks their food using only fresh ingredients ensuring that the calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced meals taste delicious. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, condiments and snacks are then packed carefully into a temperature controlled hamper and delivered direct to your client’s door meaning all they need to do is heat, eat and enjoy!

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