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Motivating your client in 10 simple steps!

One of the most challenging things as a personal trainer has to be motivating your clients. Whether it’s motivation to continue exercising or motivation to see through a healthy eating plan, motivation plays a huge role in the success of your clients, and ultimately you as a personal trainer.

Motivation is a key issue in nearly any real life situation. Work and exercise are probably the two areas in life that require the most motivation – a personal trainer is one of the only professions to work so closely with both of these areas.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your clients motivated. Providing your clients with a healthy diet to compliment your own exercise programme will allow your client to see the pounds drop off – crucial when trying to instill self belief.

It’s not just great for the client, though. As a personal trainer, you want to see your clients reach their targets as much as they do. There’s nothing more satisfying than helping someone to achieve their goals.

We’ve put together 10 proven steps that you may find useful when trying to motivate your client. Good luck and happy motivating!

    Tell them to forgive themselves now and then

    If your client wants to strive for perfection when they take a training program on, immediately take them out of this as they are trying to achieve an impossible target. Tell them to forgive themselves when something does not go right and also to work around problems they may encounter. Tell your client to aim for excellence rather than perfection.

    Ensure they remain focused

    Ensure that your client is always focused on the task at hand. Anything that may go well/not so well in your clients’ workouts can lead to distractions. Tell them to remain focused on their goals. Whatever events that may have happened in previous workouts need to be erased from the system so your client can focus on what they are currently doing.

    Reward them if they do well

    If your client reaches a certain goal or achieves something that you consider worth crediting for, then by all means, treat your client! Doing this will motivate them and give them a massive sense of achievement.

    Tell them to be positive

    Never allow your client to talk in a negative fashion or to talk down at themselves. If you hear them doing this, then you need to tell them off (nicely of course!). These negative thoughts can easily be replaced with positive ones. Teach your client how to do this and you will see a much more motivated person.

    Make them imagine what they will look like

    Constantly get your client to envisage what they will look like after taking on a program with you. Doing this will get them excited and keep them motivated to achieve the body that they portray in their head.

    Take old and new photos

    Only do this if your client is absolutely comfortable. Take pictures of them to show the progress a client has made. This will show the client that the program is working and they are losing weight. If the client realises there is something to gain from the hard work (as you have just demonstrated) they will want to carry on because they know what they are doing is working.

    Recommend any type of exercise when they dont fancy the gym

    Any exercise is better than no exercise at all. If your client does not fancy them gym, then persuade them to do some form of exercise. Going for a 20 minute walk down the shops is still beneficial to your client, rather than just sitting around on the sofa. Push them to go out and do something, no matter how minuscule the activity is.

    Show them previous success stories

    Previous success stories will motivate the client to achieve their goals. Seeing other people that were in the same boat as your client will only spur them on to achieve the same feat.

    Give them plenty of support

    Support is one of the most important aspects to a successful program for the client. The client will always need a pat on the back and general support. There is only so much support you can provide however, so you need to try encourage the friends and family of your client to provide support. There are also plenty of chat rooms on the internet where clients can exchange support with others who are in the same position.

    Don’t hit the ground running

    If you get an 18st unfit man to run a marathon straight away, will he be able to do it? The answer most of the time will be a resounding no. You need to start your clients off on the small tasks. Doing this will not only gradually improve their fitness, but the client will taste success, no matter how small the task may be. Gradually increase the difficulty every time you feel your client is ready to move on. Giving the client an impossible task to begin with will only de-motivate them.

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