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Why Clients Hire You Over Anyone Else

If someone asked you for one reason why they should choose you over another personal trainer, you should be able to give them a valid reason straight away. If you can’t answer that question then you are losing business and limiting your success.

What we offer allows you to instinctively answer the question if ever asked, “Why should I train with you instead of another trainer”

So you have to ask yourself, ‘what can I do that’s better than my competitors?’ Here is a small list that might help you on your way to making your business more successful:

Customer Service

The title ‘Personal trainer’ indicates that it’s a profession that involves working very closely with clients. However, some personal trainers’ customer service can be less than personal to say the least. Part of providing clients with a personal service is to make them feel comfortable but motivated, if you can strike a good partnership between these two elements then you’re well on your way to growing your business through reputation. Take time to look after your clients, treating them as a friend rather than cash bank.


People always value experience, no matter the profession, and personal training is a profession where experience is essential. Your client’s very health and well-being is in your hands! Customer service and results are key to the success of any personal trainer regardless of experience, but those with less experience in the field will need to work doubly hard on these aspects to pull in clients and build a great reputation.


Although education is no substitute for experience, in a health profession such as personal training, your business will not go far unless you have the knowledge to get the job done. This can include your basic certification, your Continuing Education Credits, and any applicable college or trade school classes you take during your career. The way your potential clients will see things is; the more you have, the more you’re qualified!

Value for money

You need to ask yourself what your client gets for signing on with you. Training sessions? All trainers are doing that! You need to offer more. Put yourself out there, go the extra mile and put value for money into your business.


If you work at your own fitness gym or training facility, what makes your gym stand out from the competition? Do you own more equipment? Do you offer more unique programs? Perhaps you have a swimming pool. Maybe even private training areas. You have to think as to why someone would walk through your door instead of the competition.


You have to think about the hours you work, would you train someone at 4am in the morning? The world today is full of busy people who can’t always fit a session between 9am-5pm. You may have to work outside bank hours. Going that extra mile just might create extra business.

These are just a few of the things you should consider. Base your business around Unique Selling Points, the success of your business depends on it!

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