Welcome to Gym Chef

Gym Chef offers revolutionary healthy eating – maximising convenience and removing all excuses. Gym Chef allows you to create and customise a personalised eating plan in minutes, and have it delivered direct to your door.

Every delicious Gym Chef meal is portion controlled, calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced.  We offer six diet plans which you can personalise to suit your tastes, needs and requirements and we provide you with everything your need to eat whilst you are on your Gym Chef diet plan, that’s 3 meals a day, snacks and condiments.

All Gym Chef meals are traditionally hand-cooked with fresh flavours coming from natural herbs and spices. We then label each of your dishes with their nutritional information and your name before packing and sealing your fresh foods in a temperature controlled hamper and delivering it direct to your door!

  • Gym Chef freshly prepare meals for clients of personal trainers
  • All the research, shopping, preparation and cooking is done for you
  • We then deliver to your doorstep – its totally hassle free!

  • Completely personalised fresh food
  • Nutritionally monitored and calorie controlled
  • Unrivalled levels of customisation
  • Set preferences like health conditions, lifestyle, religion, allergies, and foods excluded by group or by ingredient.

  • Getting started is easy
  • Free consultation online or on the telephone
  • Select and customise a plan, unique to you
  • Track your progress online
  • No long term commitment

The Gym Chef personalised diet delivery service enables you to customise your diet plan to fit your  tastes needs and training programme, without the hassle of shopping, calorie counting and cooking! This is an enjoyable and personalised experience that you can manage online building the perfect diet plan that will ensure your clients success.

Our own Gym Chef then prepares and cooks your food using only fresh ingredients ensuring that the calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced meals taste delicious. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, condiments and snacks are then packed carefully into a temperature controlled hamper and delivered direct to your door meaning all you need to do is heat, eat and enjoy!