Franchise Programme

Our Gym Chef Franchise programme allows you to earn easy extra income.  A Gym Chef Franchise is available to Personal Trainers, Gyms and Health Clubs.  Gym Chef gives you a distinct advantage.  As a Gym Chef franchisee you can take control of your clients’ diet which allows you both to achieve better results.

A Gym Chef franchise allows you to earn passive income.  Once you have set up an account with us, you can begin to create codes. You can create as many codes as you like.  These codes can be used on the business cards, and handed out to clients, or displayed at points of interest. You can begin earning immediately.

A Gym Chef Franchise allows you to:

  • Offer the complete solution
  • Create and manage custom diets for individual client needs
  • Be a part of a state of the art globally unrivalled system
  • Create unlimited promotional codes to give to your clients or display at points of sale
  • Track promotional codes and get real time revenue reports
  • Receive point of sale equipment
  • Track clients’ weight loss and send client reports showing progress
  • Take complete control of clients’ diets with nutritional monitoring and calorie counting
  • Earn revenue from promotional codes without having to personally manage your clients – Your clients can be fully supported by Gym Chef staff

Gym Chef meals are nutritionally monitored, calorie controlled and portion controlled. We provide your clients with everything they need to eat, and all our menus can be personalised to suit their tastes and needs.

A Gym Chef Franchise includes:

  • 1 Gym Chef personalised pull up banner
  • Personalised brochures
  • Personalised wallet cards and holders
  •  Full time support for you and your clients
  • Strategic marketing support
  • System training if required

The cost of a Gym Chef franchise will be £500 for a 3 year license renewal at just 25% of the origonal fee for the next 3 years. Our special launch promotion, offers the first 100 Personal Trainers to sign up a free fully supported franchise account! 

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