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The world’s only fresh healthy meal delivery programme designed for professional trainers for their customers. Our varied, balanced and rich meals will teach your clients to retrain their eating habits offering a long term solution.

NO frozen and processed foods
NO additives and preservatives
NO shopping, cooking or calorie counting
Our system can work out exactly what Calories your clients require to lose and maintain their weight. We usually offer 1200 to 1600 calorie plans if they’re targeting weight loss goals – but these can be fully adjusted for your clients needs.

Gym Chef Plans contain all the portions of fresh fruit and vegetables you need – along with a menu of nutritionally balanced main meals.

7 Day Meal Plan – From £125.86 per week

5 Day Meal Plan (London and m25 only) – From £89.90 per week

7 Day Lite Meal Plan – From £80.01 per week

It’s real. Our tasty and varied meals are prepared by our chefs twice each week from the freshest ingredients – No processed ingredients, additives or preservatives here!

We then blast chill your food in ice-packed boxes to keep everything as fresh as possible when your clients receieve your hampers.

No. All you need to provide is your own water and milk.

All our meals come with instructions for preparing your meals. Generally it’s as convieniant and simple as popping your meal in the microwave for 3 minutes – just heat and eat!

A few meals in foil containers will need to be placed in your oven; however this allows us to provide more tasty and interesting meals to your clients.
We have various plans to choose from tailored to provide a nutritionally balanced diet designed to maintain or lose weight. Our system allows your clients free infinite food exclusions to personalise their meal plan for their intolerances and dislikes; truely making the plan their own.

For clients wishing to lose weight should expect between 2-4lbs per week.
Clients may stay on a Gym Chef plan for as long as they like; we recommend at least 4 weeks of our meal plan for great results.

Our food comes from fresh ingredients and is delivered within a day of preperation of the meals.We spent time creating varied and flavourful meals that you would not find with other ‘retort’ diet delivery suppliers.

We highly recommend you placing an affiliate link “Order Now” button on your home page and instruct your customers to begin the ordering process there. This ‘Affiliate link’ loads your ID into our system and adds commission toward your account directly.

We supply this ‘Order Now’ affiliate link for your web developer who can easily place it on your site.

We are the only Personal Trainer dieting service to offer unlimited FREE food exclusions for your clients which they may manage themselves online or by calling us at: 00000 000000

This allows your client to personally tailor their meal plan to what they want – no having to skip meals because of dislikes or intolerances again!

Also all the calorie counting is done for you!

Absolutely! Convience is key to Gym Chef’s meal plans.

Whether they’re a stay-at-home parent or a hard-working business person, Gym Chef not only fits into their routine, but we hope it will complement it.

Our meals are easily transportable so you can take them to eat at work, the lunches can all be served cold, so you there’s no need to find a microwave if you’re on the go.

Dinners are all ready prepared, it doesn’t get any more complicated than cooking your pre-weighed pasta and your pre-washed veg and popping your bolognese in the microwave!

Gym Chef will give you sound advice on how to eat healthily and enjoyably when your client chooses to eat out. So all worthy efforts by them (and you) are not in vain.

Besides, the freshly made meals in your hamper freeze well, so you can just pop the delicious dinner you’ll be missing that day in the freezer, ready for when you need it again!

By signing up as a ‘Trainer’ you can earn commission when their customers order our meal plans.

We only accept Professional trainers & Fitness Experts.

Click here to sign up as a trainer. It only takes a few moments and there are no costs or commitments.

Signing up is absolutely free and there are no commitments.

There is no minimum requirement to keep your account active – you can sign up now and only start using your account next year if you wanted.

We offer 10% of each hamper you sell / client you refer to us.

We pay commissions earned (when your total commision is in excess of £10.00) on the last day of every month via Paypal.

Simply log in on our website – in your account section you will have a tab for ‘affiliates’ – you can track all commission and information here.

No, it’s simply an affiliate program which allows professional trainers to make extra money from their client base while providing tasty fresh food meals to aid and improve their results.

Our meal programme is a fantastic addition to your services – many people who visit the gym have a problem with eating the right meals after their training; perhaps even negating their hard earned results. Gym Chef could be just what they need to assist in reaching the goals they crave.We also offer consultations for clients refered to our program – our staff effectively working for you!

Inform your clients you have a healthy meal plan programme provided by Gym Chef – Tell them we offer free consultations over the phone. E-mail our sales at with the clients name, preferred time to call and telephone number.

Of course you may sell the program yourself using your Affiliate link.

We only auto bill if your clients select ‘Continuous dieting’ subscription when ordering. Otherwise simply select ‘This purchase only’.

We deliver twice a week (once a week on a 5 day plan) – your client will have full control over their delivery (holidays, instructions, cancelations etc.)

We will only ship automatically if your client has selected ‘continuous dieting’

We pack all our meal hampers with ice-packs and keep them ‘blast chilled’ ensuring freshness throughout the UK.

Because we prepare our meals a day before delivery we deliver hampers twice each week by our courier service (Tuesdays and Fridays) ensuring top quality freshness.

Those on 5 day plans (living in London or in/around the M25) will receive their hampers by Monday morning via our own delivery drivers.

You can stop and start whenever you like. Freshly buying, preparing and customising your healthy meal plans is no mean feat. In order to help us reduce our food and packaging waste, we require all cancellations requiring refunds to give at least 72 hours notice. If you expect to receive a delivery on a Sunday night or Tuesday day, please make sure we are informed by the preceding Friday by 10:30am.

If you expect to receive a delivery on a Friday day, please make sure we are informed by the preceding Tuesday by 10:30am.

‘Gym Chef Diet’ freshly prepares meals for clients of personal trainers. A home delivery diet is the easiest diet available today. All the research, shopping, preparation and cooking is done for you. We then deliver to your client’s doorstep – it’s totally hassle free!

Everyday, fresh local produce is delivered to our kitchens. We believe in supporting the local community and use as much fresh local produce as possible. With these fresh ingredients, our chefs prepare, cook, chill and pack all food on the day before delivery. This ensures that your client’s fresh food arrives in the best quality possible.

Using only the best ingredients, our chef’s create fabulous meals, using only the natural flavours of the produce. No salt or preservatives are added to our meals, we only use natural, fresh and great tasting ingredients. As soon as the food is cooked, it’s chilled to 3 degrees centigrade in our blast chiller facility – a health measure to ensure food stays completely fresh.

Meals are packed in air tight containers to ensure freshness and retain all the natural flavour. They are then placed in a chilled hamper ready for delivery. Following one of our plans has never been so easy, your client’s meals have been cooked, prepared and delivered, so the only work they need to do is follow the heating instructions!

Losing weight is one of the hardest challenges someone can face. Therefore, we try our best to make it as hassle free as possible. We also do our best to answer any queries your client may have, whether it be informing them about nutrition, or even small things such as changing bananas for apples in their next chill bag!

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