Physique Diets – Coming Soon!

Tone The Body / Get Ripped

When it comes to getting lean, or getting ripped, training is only 20% of the picture.  What you eat and when is crucial.  Nutrition makes up the other 80% – if you’re eating the wrong things, you’ll find it so much harder to see results!

Physique diets eliminate processed foods and refined sugars, they’re alien to the human body, and they’re ones we store as fat.  Physique diets replace processed carbs and sugars with lean meats, fresh vegetables and healthy fats which helps you shed fat whilst preserving muscle.

Physique diets are rich in fibre and antioxidants, they keeps you feeling full and regulate your blood sugar levels which help stop cravings.  The trick is eating ‘good’ carbs and limiting their intake and eating more protein.  Eating the right amount of calories and making sure you are eating the proper nutrient ratios takes your fat burning and muscle building to the extreme.

You need to eat every few hours to re-supply the body with amino acids in the form of protein.  You need to keep  your body in an anabolic state and avoid a catabolic state, where your body practically feeds upon itself for fuel.  This type of eating plan has been followed for years as the best way to lose fat, gain muscle, regulate hunger, regulate energy levels and keep the body healthy.

Eating this way takes time, patience, energy, money, motivation and dedication.  We make it as easy as possible calculating your daily requirements and delivering everything you need straight to your door.